What is the Synaesthesia Toolkit?


The synaesthesia toolkit is designed for running online psychology tests. These tests present multimedia stimuli (e.g., sounds, videos, words, colours) and might be particularly useful for those interested in sensory, multisensory, or synaesthesia research.

In a nutshell the toolkit works like this: decide which researchers you want to share your tests with and form a GROUP. Then decide what TESTS you want to run and create those tests (i.e., experiments). Then decide what type of information sheets or questionnaires or debriefs you want to accompany your tests and create these as FORMS. Finally, link one or more tests together to form a STUDY (i.e., your experiment(s) with their consent form and debrief etc.).  The toolkit has been designed to encourage collaborative projects between MULTISENSE and other researchers.

If you would like to use the toolkit please contact us