What is the Synaesthesia Toolkit?


The synaesthesia toolkit is designed for running online psychology tests for various forms of synesthesia.   With these tests, you can use standard test to diagnose the following synesthesias:

  • Grapheme-colour synaesthesia (coloured letters and numbers)
  • Sequence-space synaesthesia (seeing numbers, weekdays or months in space)
  • Lexical gustatory synaesthesia (tasting words)
  • Sound-colour synaesthesia (coloured music)
  • Grapheme-personality synaesthesia (aka ordinal linguistic personification; letters/numbers with personality).

To use these tests, simply register an account and follow the help and instructions within!

Additionally the site contains advanced functionality to create custom tests and experiments.  These tests present multimedia stimuli (e.g., sounds, videos, words, colours) and might be particularly useful for those interested in sensory, multisensory as well as synaesthesia research.  If you would like to upgrade your account and explore using the toolkit please contact us.