Welcome to the MULTISENSE tookit. With this web application, you can run online psychology tests by choosing them from our library or creating them from scratch. These tests present multimedia stimuli (e.g., sounds, videos, words, colours) and might be particularly useful for those interested in sensory, multisensory, or synaesthesia research.

Before starting, you can learn how to use the toolkit by reading through the help page. But in a nutshell the toolkit works like this: decide which researchers you want to share your tests with and form a GROUP. Then decide what TESTS you want to run and create those tests (i.e., experiments). Then decide what type of information sheets and ethical consent sheets you want to accompany your tests and create these as FORMS. Finally, link one or more tests together to form a STUDY (i.e., a group of experiments).

Please click on one of the icons below (or in the menu to the left) to get started.