The Synaesthesia Toolkit has been developed as part of the MULTISENSE research project at the University of Sussex, funded by the European Research Council.

Professor Julia Simner, Director of the MULTISENSE project
Julia Simner is a professor of neuropsychology specialising in synaesthesia research. Her education and career have taken her to the Universities of Paris-Sorbonne, Oxford, Toronto, Edinburgh and Sussex, and she currently runs the Synaesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Sussex. Her work focusses on the psychological and neuroscientific bases of synaesthesia, and has been published in high impact science journals including ‘Brain’ and ‘Nature’, and in over 100 newspaper and media articles worldwide. She is the Science Officer for the UK Synaesthesia Association, Director of the ERC-funded MULTISENSE project, Director of the ESRC-funded Savant Network, and co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia.

Dr Duncan Carmichael, Postdoctoral researcher
Duncan Carmichael has a degree in Psychology from the University of Stirling, an MSc in functional neuroimaging from Brunel University and a Ph.D in Neuroinformatics from the University of Edinburgh. His research focusses on the causes of synaesthesia, how synaesthesia is related to health, and how synaesthesia develops in children.

Dr Abby Ipser, Postdoctoral researcher
Abby Ipser has degrees in in Psychology from Brunel University (BSc) and City University London (PhD). Her research interests include the timing of multisensory integration, and the perception of action, faces, and facial expressions. Her work on the MULTISENSE project focusses on how synaesthesia develops in older people.

Dr James Alvarez, programmer
James Alvarez has a degree in Psychology from University of Nottingham, an MSc in Psychological research methods from the University of Exeter and a Phd investigating colour and language from the University of Surrey. He is currently working as a programmer at the University of Sussex, and is the programmer on the MULTISENSE project.

Rebecca Smees, Research assistant
Rebecca Smees has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Social Research methods and Statistics from City University London. She worked on the Effective Preschool Provision in England (EPPE/EPPSE) longitudinal project for over 15 years, as well as other projects investigating the impact of family background and early experiences on child outcomes at the Institute of Education, London and the University of Oxford.

Louisa Rinaldi, PhD Candidate
Louisa Rinaldi has a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience from Sheffield Hallam University. She is currently doing her PhD in Psychology as part of the MULTISENSE project, looking at synaesthesia in children. A particular focus will be how literacy and numeracy acquisition affects the development of synaesthesia in childhood, and how synaesthesia might influence other cognitive and non-cognitive profiles of child synaesthetes.

Dr Anna Hobbs, Project coordinator
Anna Hobbs gained a PhD in Polymer Physics from the University of Leeds and then moved into University administration, working in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh for 11 years. Anna works 1 day per week supporting the MULTISENSE research team with administration and finance.